In the modern era, sex toys have become increasingly popular, opening the door to a wide range of pleasurable and intimate experiences. Among these toys, a special highlight is given to the bullet vibrator. With its compact and powerful design, this small device is capable of offering intense and satisfying stimulation.

Double Fun appears as a complete kit, combining a quality lubricating gel and a powerful bullet vibrator. This harmonious set was designed to elevate the sensory experience to a higher level.

The first component of this kit is the water-based, strawberry-flavored lubricating gel, an essential ally for smoother and more pleasurable intimacy. With its silky texture and carefully crafted formula, the gel provides a smooth glide, increasing sensitivity and a feeling of comfort. Its use is ideal for making penetration more pleasant, reducing friction and allowing more intense and pleasurable intimate contact. As it has a strawberry flavor, it can also be used for oral sex.

Now, combined with the lubricating gel, we have the bullet vibrator - a true treasure in the world of sex toys. With its discreet and compact design, this small and powerful device is capable of generating unparalleled sensations. Its intense vibration can be directed to specific areas of the body, such as the clitoris, nipples or any other erogenous zone you wish to explore. Its multiple speed and pulsation settings allow for personalized customization, adapting perfectly to individual preferences.

The perfect combination between the lubricating gel and the bullet vibrator from the Double Fun kit offers a truly unique experience. The lubricating gel sets the stage for stimulation, creating a smooth, gliding base. Then the bullet vibrator comes into play, offering intense and pleasurable stimulation that can lead to unforgettable orgasmic sensations.

General information:

  • Bullet completely covered in surgical silicone
  • Color: Ferrari Red
  • With 10 vibration modes
  • USB charger
  • Weight: 40g
  • Size: 8.2cm high by 2.2cm wide
  • Powerful and silent

How should you use it?

  • Charge the product completely before first use;
  • Press the ON/OFF button for a few seconds to turn on the toy.
  • To change intensity, simply press the same button again lightly.
  • To turn off, press the ON/OFF button for a few seconds.

Who is it suitable for?
Whether for a night of self-discovery or to spice up a relationship, this kit is capable of transforming intimate moments into electrifying and unforgettable experiences. Allow yourself to explore new dimensions of pleasure and discover the sensual world that Double Fun has to offer.

Product Details

In addition to the physical benefits, Double Fun can also strengthen the emotional connection between partners. By trying this versatile kit together, you can explore new forms of pleasure, sharing intimacy and complicity. Open communication and mutual respect are key to making the most of this experience.
- It is advisable to use the water-based lubricant present in the kit, to increase the useful life of your product and not damage its material.
- Wash with warm water and neutral soap before and after each use.< /br> - Do not use turbo chargers to charge your sex toy
Box with red bullet, USB charger and strawberry flavored lubricating gel.