Comfort is fundamental to a pleasurable sexual experience, which is why we believe that the use of lubricant is essential in any practice. It reduces friction, improves fluidity and provides a smooth glide during moments of pleasure, whether you are alone or accompanied. In the Intt line, you will find a variety of lubricants that perfectly suit your everyday needs. Choose the ideal lubricant for you and enjoy even more comfortable and pleasurable intimate moments. Whatever your preference, we have a perfect option for you.

Strawberry Lubricant is a water-based lubricant that has an irresistible strawberry flavor. Its formula was developed to resemble natural lubrication, providing a smooth and pleasurable experience. It is important to highlight that this lubricant is safe for use with condoms, not compromising their effectiveness. Furthermore, Strawberry Lubricant can be used at all times of pleasure, including when using erotic toys. Enjoy a more pleasurable and sensual experience, exploring new sensations and flavors with Strawberry Lubricant.

Why use a lubricant?

  • Improve glide
  • Prevent cracks
  • Reduce friction
  • Provide more pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Lubricate your intimate toys for greater comfort

How should you use it?
Before using for the first time, remove the seal from the lubricant tube. Then, apply the desired amount to the area you want to lubricate, which can be used both under a condom and with erotic toys. Apply it gently and enjoy comfortable and pleasurable lubrication during your intimate experiences. Remember to adjust the amount according to your personal preferences, ensuring a pleasant sensation and smooth glide.

Who is it suitable for?
Our lubricant is ideal for people who want to further enhance their pleasure in intimate moments, providing comfort and safety. Regardless of the type of sexual activity you prefer, using lubricant can provide a smoother sensation, facilitating penetration and increasing sensitivity. Experience the difference that a quality lubricant can make in your moments of intimacy and enjoy a more pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Detalles del producto

Devido ao seu delicioso sabor de menta, o nosso lubrificante é um excelente aliado para a prática do sexo oral. Além de proporcionar uma lubrificação suave e confortável, ele acrescenta um toque de prazer e sabor às suas experiências íntimas. Surpreenda o seu parceiro ou parceira com um sexo oral ainda mais prazeroso e saboroso, explorando novas sensações e estimulando os sentidos.
Em caso de irritação ou desconforto, suspender o uso. Mantenha fora do alcance de crianças. Evite contato com os olhos e, se ocorrer, lave com água em abundância. Não use sobre a pele irritada. Mantenha em local fresco e arejado. Não reutilize a embalagem.
Embalagem em bisnaga 100ml Validade de 6 meses depois de aberto