There is no doubt that foreplay is a key element in preparing the body and mind for sex. They play a crucial role in increasing blood flow to the genital areas, triggering a cascade of pleasurable sensations, intense arousal and natural lubrication. Furthermore, foreplay considerably increases the chances of achieving incredible and memorable orgasms.

What is the Preliminary?
Foreplay is like a sensual dance that precedes the sexual act. They encompass a variety of activities that happen before sex itself: a passionate kiss, a tight hug, an immersive massage, a delicate touch, oral sex or even a provocative conversation. It is these precious moments that prepare the ground for the final climax, making the experience even more pleasurable and memorable.

Intt, aware of the importance of these moments, developed an exclusive line of gels for massage and oral sex, with incredible flavors that elevate foreplay to a new level of intensity. These gels were created with the purpose of making these moments even more pleasurable, awakening all the senses and heightening desire.

  We present Strawberry Massage Gel , a kissable gel with a delicious strawberry flavor and a gentle warm effect, designed to amplify pleasure in every intimate moment. With its versatility of use, this gel is perfect for exploring different sensory experiences:

  • Massage: Awaken your senses and provide moments of relaxation and pleasure by applying our gel to any part of the body. Its smooth texture glides smoothly over the skin, while the tempting strawberry aroma envelops the environment, creating a sensual and enveloping atmosphere. Each touch turns into an unparalleled sensory experience, making the massage an irresistible foreplay.
  • Oral sex: Prepare yourself for an intense and pleasurable oral sex experience. With a delicious strawberry flavor and a slight warm effect, our gel is perfect for applying to intimate areas, making oral sex a truly passionate experience. Each movement of the tongue is accentuated by the sensation of heat, taking pleasure to new heights and providing intense and pleasurable stimulation.
  • Sex moment: When things heat up even more, our gel continues to surprise. Use it during sex for an even more exciting experience. The hot effect of the gel intensifies with the movements performed, increasing the sensation of pleasure and taking you and your partner into a state of ecstasy.

How should you use it?
Remove the seal from the product, open its lid, and apply the desired amount to any part of the body.

Who is it suitable for?
For all people who want new sensations in their moment of intimacy.

Product Details

When it comes to pleasure, don't limit your focus to just the intimate area. With our product, you can explore and make the most of the erogenous zones spread throughout your body. Take the opportunity to expand your sensual experience and discover new forms of pleasure. Here are some suggestions for you to try:
Neck: The neck area is extremely sensitive and full of nerve endings. Apply the product gently and enjoy the erotic sensations that each touch causes.
Ears: The ears are underrated erogenous zones. Try applying the product and gently caressing this area, stimulating not only physical pleasure but also mental excitement. and deep relaxation.
Knee: Although it may seem unusual, the knee area can also be a surprising erogenous zone. Explore this region with gentle touches and discover your body's pleasurable responses.
Nipples: Nipples are extremely sensitive areas and, for many people, highly erogenous. Apply the product carefully and gently stimulate them to awaken sensations of intense pleasure.
Back: The back region is a wide area full of possibilities. Try applying the product along your back and enjoy sensual massages or gentle caresses, creating a unique erotic experience.
In case of irritation or discomfort, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and, if it occurs, wash with plenty of water. Do not use on irritated skin. Keep in a cool, ventilated place. Do not reuse the packaging.
30ml glass packaging + cardboard box Shelf life of 6 months after opening