Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of human sexuality. It is a form of self-discovery, pleasure and relaxation. However, a little assistance can often be needed to make this experience even more rewarding. This is where Silk Hands comes into play - a lubricant specially designed to take masturbation to a new level of pleasure.

Silk Hands is a 100% silicone lubricant, designed with care and attention to detail to provide a smooth and sensual experience. Its exclusive formula glides smoothly over the skin, creating a silky sensation that intensifies pleasure during masturbation.

One of the main advantages of Silk Hands is its long duration. Unlike water-based lubricants, which can dry quickly and require constant reapplications, Silk Hands remains slippery and effective for an extended period of time. This allows you to focus entirely on pleasurable sensations without unwanted interruptions.

Is Silk Hands just for masturbation?
Many people wonder if Silk Hands is exclusively intended for masturbation. The answer is no! Although it is a lubricant designed to intensify masturbation pleasure, its versatile properties also make it suitable for other intimate activities.

Furthermore, Silk Hands is highly recommended for sex in the shower, in the pool or in aquatic environments in general. Its long-lasting formula and high gliding power remains effective even when in contact with water. This provides long-lasting, smooth lubrication, making sexual experiences in the water more comfortable and pleasurable.

Why use Silk Hands:

  • Improve glide
  • Prevent cracks
  • Reduce friction
  • Provide more pleasure during sexual intercourse
  • Intensifies masturbation movements

How should you use it?
Remove the seal from the tube before the first use and apply the desired amount to the area to be lubricated, under the condom or with sex toys.

Who is it suitable for?
For people who want to further improve their pleasure in intimate moments with comfort and safety.

Product Details

In case of irritation or discomfort, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and, if it occurs, wash with plenty of water. Do not use on irritated skin. Keep in a cool, ventilated place. Do not reuse the packaging.
Packaging in 100ml tube Shelf life of 6 months after opening