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Orgasm Now

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Orgasm Now

    Knowing that 80% of women do not reach orgasm because of their partner's performance or simply their body, INTT has developed a revolutionary product capable of inducing orgasm through the knowledge of pleasure spots and unexplored sensations.

    The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, imagine an exciting gel that will make you feel them all with continuous stimulation. Orgasm Now is an arousal gel for women that comes in a tube which contains a vibrating tip to stimulate the intimate area even more. Women will be able to lead themselves to orgasm and learn more about their bodies with this product.

    GEL EFFECTS: Warming, Pulsing, Vibrating, Lubricating, Stimulating, Exciting and Sensitizing.

    INDICATIONS: Loss of sexual desire, increase sexual desire, better know your pleasure spots, strengthen the vagina if used daily.

    DIRECTIONS: After removing the cap and seal, press the tube and apply the gel directly to clitoris. Turn on the vibrating tip and make circular motions in all area. 

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