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Deep Throat
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Is there anything worse than choking or feeling anxious when performing oral sex on your partner? With that in mind, intt developed a product to facilitate the practice of oral sex. Deep Throat is a specific desensitizer for the throat that minimizes discomfort and prevents nausea when performing or..
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We know there are some days that we don’t want to have sex or periods when our libido is compromised due to medications, depression or even stress.Excitation is a product that helps to awake the female sexual appetite, it can be used in 2 different ways: Before intercourse to increase sexual des..
Like a virgin
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Who said that we can’t have the feeling of being virgin again? Like a virgin is an astringent gel that retains the natural moisture from the vaginal mucosa. The components tighten and contract the vagina, giving the sensation of being virgin again. Throughout the time due to overweight, childbir..
Lumière is a specific cream for the skin. It is designed to be applied in the armpits, groin or in the skin in general. Its exclusive formula may allow a quick and long-lasting effect, which corrects the differences in skin tone, leaving it bright and uniform. ..
Orgasm Now
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    Knowing that 80% of women do not reach orgasm because of their partner's performance or simply their body, INTT has developed a revolutionary product capable of inducing orgasm through the knowledge of pleasure spots and unexplored sensations.    The cl..
Pheros Fantasy is a 10 in 1 moisturizer for skin and hair. Its aphrodisiac components stimulate the senses and make your intimate moments memorable.How to use: apply the product all over the skin and massage gently. On your hair, apply it over wet or dry strands. No need to rinse after applicati..
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