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Inflate XXL
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    Most of men are never satisfied with the size or thickness of their penis. Thinking about that, Intt developed a product that increases the penis’ size momentously. By applying it, the blood vessels expand then increases the blood flows giving a penis enlargement sensation..
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Which man doesn’t want an extra time? Lasts is a product made of natural actives that prolongs erection and delays ejaculation, maximizing pleasure. The main ingredients are clove and mint extract.    Directions: Apply 3 sprays to the head of the penis and testicles before in..
Lumière is a specific cream for the skin. It is designed to be applied in the armpits, groin or in the skin in general. Its exclusive formula may allow a quick and long-lasting effect, which corrects the differences in skin tone, leaving it bright and uniform. ..
Pheros Fantasy is a 10 in 1 moisturizer for skin and hair. Its aphrodisiac components stimulate the senses and make your intimate moments memorable.How to use: apply the product all over the skin and massage gently. On your hair, apply it over wet or dry strands. No need to rinse after applicati..
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